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Witness the Great Patriotic Performance at Wagah Border

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Wagah Border is located 20 Km away from Amritsar and 22 Km from Lahore. This is the border which lies between Amritsar, India and Lahore, Pakistan on the Grand Trunk Road. This is the only road border that links between India and Pakistan.
Wagah Border is visited by around 5000 people and has become a widely popular tourist spot. Wagah Border is popular for the entertainment ceremony and stylized patriotic and energetic performances. This is located at Attari in Amritsar.

Wagah Border

About The Ceremony in Wagah Border

This ceremony was initiated in the year 1959 on mutual agreeing of both the countries. This valour performance is conducted with high pomp and splendour. This was initiated long decades ago with a good intention of brotherhood among two countries. But after few years this had taken an aggressive turn.
Flag Code at Wagah Border is mandatory in which the flags are flown from sunrise to sunset. The flag hosting ceremony is purely amusing which is performed in a unique style of patriotism. The guards performing these activities have great height and ability to perform. Huge gatherings enjoy the performance, and this place gets crowded especially on the weekends.

Arrangements For The Visitors

This place as is thronged by huge mass, seating arrangements are done for the spectators for enjoying the ceremony. There are different stalls from where the spectators can feed themselves with food and water.
Seats are reserved for women and men there are general seats. The arch ring also encloses VIP seats that are close to the gates, and for accessing this area, special passes are required.

Timing To Enjoy the Ceremony

This amazing and amusing ceremony goes on for 45 minutes and is finished before sunset which varies according to seasonal variation. The perfect timing to reach the place is 3:00 Pm. reaching the place at this time; the visitors can enjoy the ceremony.


1. It is to be noted that there are mobile jammers implanted in this high-security zone. All mobile services over here are inactive.
2. No covered bags are allowed for the tourists to carry with them which include the ladies handbags or the purses.