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Famous Places To Visit In Amritsar

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Amritsar, the Jewel City, is Punjab is a perfect blend of tradition and culture and does witnesses the days of valour. This city is the most popular city of Punjab that attracts numbers of tourists to this land.
There are numbers of historical places, religious centers, and sightseeing locations which in together reveals the glorious past as well as a promising future. Amritsar is one among the places must visit in India.
The amazing environment, climate, and rich, varied culture are certainly going to enthrall the visitors from around the world. Amritsar is also referred as the land of Sikhs and a must visit destination for the Sikh Community.

Top 6 Places To Visit In Amritsar

1. Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Golden Pilgrimage is the major attraction point of Amritsar. This is a pilgrimage spot for the Sikhs. The fully golden dome gives the temple’s name. This temple is constructed with marble and is a 2 storied structure. This temple is built beside a pool which was constructed by the Fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. The golden body, holy pond, delicious ‘Halwa’ along the pleasant and peaceful atmosphere are indeed delightful for the tourists.

2. Jallianwala Bagh

Jalianwala Bagh

There may be rarely any Indian who is unaware about the heinous act of the massacre by the British army in the year 1919. Jallianwala Bagh is 1Km away from the Golden Temple. This spot witnesses the brutal incident of Indian Freedom fight. The British army had brutally assassinated 379 people and had wounded around 1100 people who had gathered at the spot on the auspicious day of Punjabi New Year. Any true Indian would never like to miss this spot being in Amritsar.

3. Akal Takht

Akal Takht

Akal Takht is a famous Sikh Temple which is built on the premises of the Golden Temple. This was built by Guru Hargobind Singh. This is considered to be the highest seat of Sikh authority Khalsa and was built in the year 1609. This is the place of justice and it is the place where Sikhs consider resolving their temporal issues.

4. Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Temple is a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga and is just 1.5 Kms away from the Golden Temple. This temple resembles the Golden Temple structural design. This temple was built in the year 1908. The temple displays different incarnations of Goddess Durga in the form of carved paintings. This temple also has seats for Lord Hanuman, Lakshmi Narayan, and Mata Shitla.

5. Faridkot Fort

Faridkot Fort is one the tourist attraction flaunts in Amritsar. This fort is cited in the list of a tour of forts and monuments of India, and for its splendorous design, it attracts the attention of local as well as global travellers. As per the pages of history, this fort was constructed around 700 years back.

6. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

This Museum is dedicated to the Lion of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh who had freed Punjab from the rules of Mughals. This museum displays the war activities of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The most amazing experience is the light and sound show in the museum creates a sensation of real war situation.